Free Resources about Seaweed and Skincare. We've put together this library of resources to help you better understand the role of seaweed in skincare. Seaweeds represent a diverse and valuable source of skincare compounds such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, etc, with moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and other beneficial properties.

Terrance's 8 Week Seaweed-Fucoidan Challenge Summed Up! Thank you subscribers for your questions! Check out the final results of my eight week Seaweed-Fucoidan challengeCLICK HERE FOR PDF.

Background: Fucoidan is a compound found in select seaweeds like Laminaria digitata. Laminaria digitata is the KEY ingredient in our 7 Fathoms seaweed skincare products. This superhero-like compound boasts an impressive lineup of health benefits. Scientists think it has elements that boost the immune system and fight inflammation. This natural powerhouse contains antioxidants and sugars, making it essential for health research.
Ever stumble upon a scientific marvel that's complex yet endlessly intriguing? That's precisely how I feel about fucoidan. It's an extraordinary compound found in seaweed that showcases many incredible properties. It is the subject of over a thousand studies! The potential health benefits of it are vast. It can support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and act as an antioxidant. So I took on the challenge with our weekly email subscribers to learn and share all things fucoidan.


7 Fathoms's Quick Reference Guide: Seaweed and Skincare. Exploring alternatives for skin and scalp care routine? Consider Seaweed. Direct to You: Seaweed and Skincare Insights. CLICK HERE FOR PDF.