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Powered by sustainably harvested Newfoundland seaweed.

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Our Story

One day, in the aftermath of a violent winter storm, our family began exploring the wreckage-strewn shores of our tiny cove.

There was seaweed everywhere. Our daughter picked up a frond and playfully slapped us with it. That’s when we noticed a gel-like substance coming from the plant.

In the days, months, and years since that moment, that gel has become our obsession. A single-minded pursuit to respectfully unlock laminaria digitata’s secrets. A relentless focus on refining our extraction processes. Tweaking our recipes to ensure every ingredient works synergistically with seaweed’s bioactive compounds to provide maximum benefit. And making sure that every product we create is wholly sustainable and respectful of the ocean – and the Earth’s – health and biodiversity.

Because we believe in the nurturing power of seaweed.


7 Fathoms joined Emergence in 2022. Emergence is a bioscience incubator that accelerates the growth of Atlantic Canadian Start ups.

7 Fathoms has been a partner company of Bounce Health Innovation since 2021.  Bounce Health Innovation helps accelerate growth of the health innovation sector in Newfoundland and Labrador.