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 Our Brand Story


What Our Customers Say About Our Products

"I saw my esthetician today and she asked me what I was doing different because my skin looked radiant and my pores were smaller - I told her about your cream and she was amazed that a natural product was having such an effect on my skin!"

— R. Crane


“[The Seaweed Face and Body Lotion] is truly amazing. I have very sensitive skin, and it helps ease my eczema, rosacea, and is one of the few products I have been able to use (I have used organic coconut oil for about a decade)... Also helps with hydrating my aging skin... It is so rich, feels gorgeous to apply... oh, and I also use it as a hair product to tame my frizzies.”

— V. Stockley. Bay Roberts, Newfoundland


"I love your homemade seaweed cream! My son has horrible eczema and has been prescribed cream from the doctor. I didn't even bother to bring it on my trip home because it wasn't effective. My mom started applying the seaweed cream to his problem areas twice a day and it's just about cleared up. Unbelievable! He went from bleeding, cracked, itchy skin to almost clear skin. Thanks Courtney and Terry for creating that cream. I'll continue to use it when we head back to Yellowknife"

— Barbara Bell


“Well I have been using this lotion for almost two years. I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to redness. This lotion is my morning and evening ritual. It feels delicious on my skin - no greasy residue or heavy scent. Leaves my skin feeling healthy and glowing. So much so I stopped wearing any additional makeup on my face - such as foundation, concealer, etc. So, thank you for simplifying my skin care routine and letting me wear my 50 year old face ‘naked.’”

— E.M. Dunphy, St. John’s, Newfoundland


“This lotion is amazing. My granddaughter has a really bad rash on her face. My daughter started using this on it and it cleared up. Thanks Courtney.”

— J. Emberley, Bay de Verde


“I love my bottles of your Grates Cove Artisan Seaweed Body Lotion. It has been keeping my face and my body moisturized, even through the extreme cold weather of this winter in Ontario, at -20. I find it is better than most moisturizers and love the healthy ingredients. Thanks.” 

— T. Hartman


“Hi! I purchased your seaweed lotion at the end of October at the Craft Fair.  It’s lovely!  The overall flushed redness in my skin has decreased to a more pinkish hue. Also, I had been noticing some larger pores around my cheek area in photos and those have decreased. My skin is softer, and I feel it looks brighter.  Thanks so much for making this product!” 

— S. Dooley, St. John’s, Newfoundland


“I absolutely love your seaweed lotion! My skin has always been sensitive and not much I could use without breaking out but since I started using your product my skin is soft and moisturized. I also have rosacea and it seems to have decreased a lot. My face is not as red as it use to be and feels so much smoother.....I love this product!” 

— G. Doyle


“Hi Courtney. I would like to place an order for another bottle of the Seaweed face and Body Lotion. I started using it awhile ago from a friend of mine. She told me about it and how different her skin felt. Anyway, I told her about my eyes, which are very dark brown and very itchy. I used the lotion for a couple of days and I noticed the difference. The color started to fade a little and my eyes were not as itchy. To tell you the truth I did not think that it would do any better than the creams that I had tried in the past, but it works.  The difference is very noticeable. Thank you for creating this lotion.”

— Anonymous


“[I] was very sceptical as my skin seems to react with every lotion I use! I’ve been using this one for 5 days now and the difference in the feel of my skin is unreal”

— R. Renee


“This lotion is a staple in our household.  We use it as a body lotion and a face cream.  It has seaweed in it, which is a natural exfoliator.  That means less scrubbing.  It actually makes your skin glow.  Great for sensitive skin. An excellent product to counteract the effects of repetitive hand washing.”  

— L. Turpin, Red Head Cove, NL


I have just tried Grates Cove Studios new cream!  Well people, you don’t know what your missing! My eczema and psoriasis on my face has totally cleared up on my face! I have been using is only 2 weeks and twice a day! My face feels moisturized, fresh and glowing!

— C. Meadus, Grates Cove, Newfoundland